In Florida, there was a special election held on January 11 to the US House to replace the late Alcee Hastings.

The overall swing was about 6 points towards the Democratic Party compared to the last presidential election and 2 points vs the last House election. At the county level the swing was concentrated in the more populated Broward portion.

Can someone make a swing map so I can see how the results changed from 2020's presidential results and give a link to the results if possible?

Note: I want this answer because it could help indicate trends in future elections because I want to see where it aligns with certain pockets of certain racial groups. A program called Dave's Redistricting has that data.


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Precinct-level 2020 election results for FL-20 can be found here (Palm Beach County) and here (Broward County). The results for the 2022 special election may be found here (PBC) and here (Broward).

Roughly a third of the 297 precincts swung towards the Republican candidate, while the remaining two-thirds swung towards the Democratic candidate. The mean result was a 0.97 point swing towards the Democratic candidate. These results should really be taken in the context of a special election, though; the turnout in this election was roughly 17% of that in the 2020 general election.

This is demonstrated by the precincts which saw the largest swings - the largest swing to the Republicans was in precinct 6034 in Palm Beach County - two votes for the Republican candidate in 2022 compared to three votes for the Democratic candidate and one vote for the Republican in 2020. The precinct with the largest swing to the Democrats was precinct 6082, also in Palm Beach County, with 1 vote for the Democrat in 2022 compared to 15 votes for the Democrat & 12 votes for the Republican in 2020.

Collating this data & using the shapefiles for the county voter precincts in each county found here & here, we can create the following two-party swing map. Note that the district doesn't look contiguous because the water conservation areas are omitted from the shapefiles.

enter image description here

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