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On 2 March, however, Spanish foreign minister José Manuel Albares stated that "belonging to the EU is not a capricious process or one that can be done by a mere political decision", reminding that the candidate country "must meet certain social, political and economic standards"

What are specific "social, political and economic standards" for joining EU mentions here.

I don't see an answer for this matter in this question posted earlier.

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Albares appears to be referring to the Copenhagen criteria - so called because they were set out in the conclusions of the 1993 European Council held in Copenhagen.

The European Council today agreed that the associated countries in Central and Eastern Europe that so desire shall become members of the European Union. Accession will take place as soon as an associated country is able to assume the obligations of membership by satisfying the economic and political conditions required.

Membership requires that the candidate country has achieved stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights and respect for and protection of minorities, the existence of a functioning market economy as well as the capacity to cope with competitive pressure and market forces within the Union. Membership presupposes the candidate's ability to take on the obligations of membership including adherence to the aims of political, economic and monetary union.

That covers the economic and political conditions - the 'social standards' possibly refer to the ability of the European Union itself to integrate the new member state:

The Union's capacity to absorb new members, while maintaining the momentum of European integration, is also an important consideration in the general interest of both the Union and the candidate countries.

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    That's the official line. What is the reality? Commented Mar 7, 2022 at 17:41
  • "respect for and protection of minorities" This point should be problematic for Baltic states, but they were able to join EU.
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