We know that the EU countries have blocked access to rt.com, and some people in India have also reported that they can no longer get to it. But not all western countries have blocked it. Does anyone have a list, or any more information, about where it is blocked and where it is not?

  • It's accessible from India.May be there is some difficulty in accessing the sites ( both Sputnik news and RT) . It's quite possible that the reason is they are checking the browsers for DDOS attacks. And sometimes both are not accessible because of slow connection not from Indian side though. Mar 12, 2022 at 18:12
  • I only think the ban is for others, within the EU, linking to rt.com. Eg. the app is gone in the app store and other private actors have removed links. I would assume the website itself is reachable from everywhere. At least it is from Denmark. Mar 12, 2022 at 18:27
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    There's a DNS block (redirect) on RT.com in some EU countries. Changing your DNS server to may help. In practice though, all their claims are reproduced by Indian and Chinese channels, and occasionally by Fox News pundits, so you're not missing much. Mar 12, 2022 at 19:10
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    @SwiftPushkar: Srsly? Try WION. Mar 12, 2022 at 19:26
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    @SwiftPushkar: see youtube.com/watch?v=O1-uRaAbjUM for instance. Mar 12, 2022 at 19:36

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Here an overview of what I quickly found on the subject in chronological order. I have divided this in 2 separate sections, where countries with bans are highlighted in the first section and corporate sanctions are highlighted in the 2nd section.

  • 2014-08-01 - Ukraine banned RT.
  • 2020-06-30 - Latvia banned 7 RT channels.
  • 2022-07-07 - Lithuania banned RT from broadcasting.
  • 2022-02-02 - Germany banned RT DE.
  • 2022-02-24 - Poland banned RT from broadcasting.
  • 2022-02-25 - Gibraltar suspended broadcast of RT.
  • 2022-02-25 - Australia suspended RT new bulletins.
  • 2022-02-26 - Australia removed the RT Channel was removed from broadcast.
  • 2022-02-27 - EU Banned RT from broadcasting in the EU.

In addition to the above the following.

  • 2022-02-25 - Alphabet (Google parent company) announced that RT is barred from receiving the proceeds of advertising.
  • 2022-02-27 - Singapore, which received its feed from Europe, has consequently been forced to stop RT from broadcasting in Singapore due to lack of feed.
  • 2022-02-28 - FaceBook, Instagram and TikTok made RT unavailable.
  • 2022-02-28 - Microsoft removed RT from MSN.
  • 2022-03-01 - Google banned access to RT.
  • 2022-03-01 - Apple removed RT from its app store.
  • 2022-03-01 - Roku dropped the RT app from its channel store.
  • 2022-03-01 - DirectTV dropped RT from its channel lineup.
  • 2022-03-01 - Sky New Zealand removed RT.
  • 2022-03-03 - Reddit blocked new outgoing links to RT.
  • 2022-03-11 - YouTube complete blocked RT worldwide.

The above is fluid though. If you have an update that I missed or came in after I wrote this article, you can let me know and I will include this in the above list.


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    Those are the TV channels, though. I was asking about the website rt.com . Mar 14, 2022 at 20:32
  • In Czechia I can still access rt.com alhough the live stream seems to be nonfunctional (I have not checked the details). rt.ru seems to be blocked in Russia for me. I am getting response The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator. signed by a valid TLS certificate for rt.ru. Also traceroute to rt.ru IP addresses continues through Sweden to Russian IP addresses. Mar 15, 2022 at 15:33

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