Several years ago I read an interview in a newspaper of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with Oriana Fallaci.

Where can I find the full text of this interview?

I thought it was included in the book called Interview with History. However, it isn't.

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The article on the New York Times is "Oriana Fallaci, an Interviewer Who Goes for the Jugular in Four Languages" by Judy Klemesrudthe and you can find it here.

The interview is cited also in the Dr Abdul Mu'min Chowdhry, Behind the Myth of 3 million (pdf) as

Oriana Fallaci, An Interview with Mujibur Rahman, L'Europeo, Rome, 24 February, 1972.

Right now I did not found it anywhere on internet because "L'Europeo" is not active anymore. This answer on quora tells that is cited in "Interview with History" but probably it wasn't published (however I am not sure that is a reliable source).


Are you referring to the journalistic interview of the New York Times? If so, I doubt you can find it in the book you mentioned, because that one is rather a collection of interviews made by Oriana Fallaci across her journalistic career.

If you are looking for the text of Judy Klemesrud, I don't know if there is a longer version of the text, but you can always try to contact the author.

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