I know that Australia is registered as a company in the USA.

What more countries are registered there?

If none, why did Australia feel the need to register themselves as a company?

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    Note very well: That's wikipedia for ya. The title of the linked wikipedia page is "Commonwealth of Australia (US Corporation)". The article body contradicts the title and says "Form 18-K registrations are used only for foreign government registrations with the SEC and do not create a corporation." Commented Jun 12, 2022 at 4:27

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There are many countries, states/provinces, and organizations that are registered with the SEC and have filed an 18-K form, and they file it so they can issue securities in US markets.

This site tracks SEC filings, and you can look up 18-K filings here (and any other bureaucratic forms you're interested in). The data seems to go back to 2002 and there are 792 entries, though there are many duplicates from groups re-registering or amending their registration. I'm not sure if it's a complete list, since the site isn't associated with the SEC and just aggregates data from the SEC's EDGAR system.

There are too many entities to list here, but here are a few countries' filings I saw while skimming through the pages:

There are also several foreign organizations in that list, such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (last filed in 2022) and the Council of Europe Development Bank (last filed in 2022), as well as some states/provinces such as Ontario in Canada (2021) and Queensland in Australia (2021).

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