From Trump to Biden, many Chinese tech companies have either gone out of business or sustained significant financial damage because of US security-related sanctions (e.g., Huawei, etc.).

What has the Chinese government done in this regard? Did they retaliate? Did the Chinese government bail those companies out? Explain how that happened.


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Nikkei Asia - China softens blow of U.S. sanctions on military companies - KENJI KAWASE, Nikkei Asia chief business news correspondent - June 2, 2022 11:38 JST

HONG KONG -- With all U.S. citizens and entities forbidden from investing China's military-industrial companies by Friday, Beijing has mobilized state funds and its capital market to cushion the potential fallout.

With regards to the question "How did they retaliate?": it is worth noting that the effect of sanctions is not just one-way. American companies may also experience fallout!

Brookings.edu - Economic Sanctions: Too Much of a Bad Thing - Richard N. Haass - Monday, June 1, 1998

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