The title of Axios' December 27, 2022 Arizona judge rules out sanctions against Kari Lake but orders $33,000 in fees states the outcome of Katie Hobbs's request (petition?) against Kari Lake.

On the same day, AZCentral's Judge in Kari Lake case rejects sanctions, awards $33,000 in legal fees says

The defendant attorneys, who represent the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Gov.-elect Hobbs, as well as Hobbs in her capacity as secretary of state, argued sanctions are warranted because Lake presented a frivolous case that lacked any evidence to support her claims that problems with chain of custody and printers at Maricopa County vote centers were deliberate and led to her loss.

Question: In what ways exactly did Hobbs request Lake to be sanctioned?

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A sanction is the way a court punishes violations of court rules. In this case, Hobbs was asking the court to sanction Lake in order to recover approximately $550,000 in legal fees and other expenses. The sanction was denied, although court costs of about $33,000 were permitted.

However, Hobbs had asked the court Monday to award her $550,210 in attorney fees, with more than $450,000 going to top Democratic lawyer Marc Elias’ law firm. [NY Post]

Other sources had estimated it may be as much as $600 to $700 thousand.


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