The Taipei Times's June 11, 2013 Taiwan group barred from French event to due to China begins:

An overseas Taiwanese association is seeking public support after it was denied access to a cultural festival set to be held in September in Lyon, France, because of pressure from China.

The Association Culturelle des Taiwanais de Lyon (ACTL), which promotes Taiwan globally, said that the organizer of the Fete des Bannieres du Monde — the festival of world banners — denied its application to participate after Chinese participants threatened to withdraw if Taiwan was allowed entry.

Another more visible and notable example would be the "kicking out" of Taiwan (with observer status) from the World Health Organization in 2016.

Note that this is a question - I'm asking:

Question: Is there something like a central list of organizations that have barred Taiwan from joining or participating with them, in order to appease China that makes a significant effort to be complete?

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Yes, it's right here: Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Instances of China's Interference with Taiwan's International Presence

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    That appears to be a partial list that doesn't include everything that the OP is looking for.
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  • @JoeW well I'm the OP and it's exactly the kind of list I was looking for. Everything from birdwatching organizations to blocking Wikimedia from the General Assembly of the World Intellectual Property Organization because of its Taiwan-related content. I quickly regretted putting the phrase "central, comprehensive" in the title but now that JamesK's answer drills down on that wording, I can't really edit the question.
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    @uhoh you may be happy with the list but that doesn't mean it is a comprehensive list like your question was asking for. And I am guessing there are lots of lists like this out there.
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  • @JoeW there is the spirit of the law and the letter of the law, (and never the twain shall meet, but that's a separate thing) JamesK froze that phrase by basing an answer on it rather than leaving a helpful comment that it over-constrained the problem I can't ask a 2nd, separate question for a list that's not necessarily "central comprehensive" (would be closed as duplicate)
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