DW News' July 31, 2023 video Niger warns against foreign interference as pro-coup protests turn violent after 02:22 shows what I think is file footage of Niger president Mohamed Bazoum, and I find the images intriguing and puzzling!

  • the room is round or oval (and quite small, perhaps sufficient to meet and/or greet one person or a small group of individuals)
  • Any check of Niger's climate explains that it's warm or hot year round, but the aid and/or security person standing to the sitting person's right is wearing a wool sweater and scarf under a suit coat.
  • There is a Nigerien flag1 to the left of the seat and a portrait of what looks to be a young John F. Kennedy

All of this makes me wonder where this was actually filmed - both the geographic region (was it cold?) and the unusual small, round room with a JFK portrait hanging on the wall.

Question: Why and where is Mohamed Bazoum sitting down in a small, round, cold room next to a portrait of (a young) John F. Kennedy? Is the event identifiable?

1Nigerien is the demonym of Niger, (while Nigerian is the demonym of Nigeria)

file footage of enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

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This is file footage taken from a December 15th 2022 Associated Press interview with President Bazoum, on the sidelines of the United States–Africa Leaders Summit 2022 held in Washington D.C.

Bazoum, as well as representatives from 49 African countries, attended D.C. from December 13th to 15th. The room appears to be in one of the Oval Suites at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel in DC - presumably where Bazoum stayed during his time in the capital. The painting is indeed of JFK, but it's a print by the artist Louis Lupas of which many copies exist, so I don't think this helps narrow it down.

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    Hmm... the sorts of hotels I've always stayed at never had "oval suites", so no wonder I didn't understand what I was looking at :-)
    – uhoh
    Jul 31, 2023 at 20:21

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