Before Channel NewsAsia released the second video documenting what happened before, there were many commentaries on the first video recording. James Palmer, a deputy editor at Foreign Policy, interpreted the incident to have been political, suggesting that it could have been Xi's intention to "deliberately and publicly humiliate his predecessor."[72] Xi had been harshly critical in his previous speeches, where he spoke of "the problem that the party's leadership had been weakened, blurred, diluted, and marginalized" (Chinese: "党的领导弱化、虚化、淡化、边缘化问题") before his leadership.[72][73][74] The Economist said that while it is possible the act was deliberate, it was more likely that Hu was not feeling well, saying that the event "looked consistent with a sudden episode of mental confusion".[75] Jude Blanchette, an expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said that the event "didn't have the stage-managed feel of an orchestrated purge",[57] while Bill Bishop, a China expert, noted that the China Central Television would likely never show Hu during the news footage of the event if he was purged.[76]


Many speculated that Hu Jintao who had a very unaggressive foreign policy against the West, was purged out of the CCP, but it doesn't seem like it necessarily the case as I don't think he said anything negative against Xi publicly, I might be wrong, but that led me to wonder if Xi has any big critic within the CCP as it seems like the CCP has become a big echo chamber and that everyone who might have been a threat to him was purged out of the government a long time ago.

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    This question might not understand how China works. Going around and saying that you are a critic of Xi Jinping will quickly strip you of all your powers. What may work though might be a hidden critic. Somebody who officially nods and unofficially criticizes him. But these people might be hard to find out. Not even sure that it would be a good idea to publicly make them known. Aug 6, 2023 at 7:26
  • It's also not clear what "big critic within the CCP" means - the CCP has 98 million members so are you including rank-and-file members (academics, journalists, businesspeople, pop singers, etc, who may have wealth, influence, or a public audience), or specifically those who hold formal positions of power in the CCP?
    – Stuart F
    Aug 9, 2023 at 13:43


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