The Russian economy appears more resilient than expected and the Russian military retains the capacity to destroy civilian infrastructure and military targets and terrorise the Ukrainian population. What is more, sanctioned goods are still finding their way to Russia and to the battlefield in Ukraine.

If the sanctions are not working the way they ought to, it is because we are actively undermining them. A recently released report by Norway-based risk consultancy Corisk reveals how that is done.

Its analysis of customs data from 12 EU countries, Norway, the UK, the US and Japan shows that the circumvention of export sanctions on Russia amounted to an astonishing 8 billion euros ($8.5bn) in 2022. AD

Of the countries studied, Germany appears to be the largest exporter of sanctioned goods to Russia; the second largest is Lithuania. The two provide half of the Western goods Moscow should not have access to.


I was reading this and I was wondering what are effective things the EU can do to prevent the sanctions of being circumvented. I was thinking punishing the German government, the German companies and other governments and companies for doing this would maybe work, but not be terribly effective, so I was wondering if there are effective measures that can be undertaken by the EU.


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The European Commission already approved another sanctions package that should also include entities that are involved in circumventing previous sanctions (my emphasis):

The European Council has adopted the 11th package of sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, extending some restrictions and adding dozens of new entities around the world to its list as it tries to stop other countries and companies from circumventing previously imposed measures.


The council said it added to its sanctions list 87 new entities that the EU says are "directly supporting Russia's military and industrial complex in its war of aggression against Ukraine." Those companies, the bloc said, are registered in China, Uzbekistan, the United Arab Emirates, Syria, and Armenia.

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