Clearly forcing the US forces out of Syria will fail at the UNSC due to US veto. But that hasn't stopped such attempts in other conflicts, i.e. countries still advance resolutions that they know they'll fail, just "for the record" and sometimes to showcase the diplomatic isolation of a P5 member in a certain case. Recent examples would include the referendums held by Russia in Ukraine etc.

Has anything like that been attempted with respect to US forces in Syria? Russia and Syria protest this presence. But have they done that at the UNSC? What were the results of the vote(s)?

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One would guess not. Last time Syria is mentioned in Security Council quick meetings lists was in 2014 and neither case was about booting out the US.

Now, mind you, embarrassing another P5 cuts both ways: if it's your resolution that gets overwhelmingly shot down, rather than failing via P5 veto, you're embarrassed instead.

(And Europe has so many Syrian refugee problems that they'd probably be very quick to nuke anything giving the Syrian government a freer hand in oppressing its citizens, something a US exit might facilitate).

A Google search for syria un security council resolution -242 "veto" lists mostly vetos by Russia/China on behalf of the Syrian government.

Also nothing on Wiki's list of vetoed UN resolutions. Almost all the vetoed ones are Russia + China.


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