The recent Gaza hospital blast has caused significant loss of life. Estimates range between 471-500 (Gaza HM) and 100-300 (US intelligence) people killed. (AP), and there still an ongoing investigation underway on the subject:

Israel faces blame from regional allies over Gaza hospital deaths (The Guardian)


“It appears the result of an errant rocket fired by a terrorist group,” the U.S. president says. (NBC)


There is little doubt that the destruction of the al-Ahli Arab Hospital is a war crime, no matter who is ultimately responsible. (Al Jazeera)

It seems a significant amount of the weaponry and rockets fired from Gaza are homemade (CNN) so there may be a risk they wont reach their indented targets, but explode on Gazan territory. Israeli news also reported in September a 'premature explosion':

6 killed in Gaza border blast during rioting, apparently while planting bomb (Times of Israel)


according to the IDF one in five Gaza rockets misfires, kills Palestinians (jpost)

In the recent conflict, according to Israel, in two weeks 7000 rockets were fired from the Gaza strip.

Considering Gaza doesn't have an Iron Dome, 1/5 rockets misfiring can cause quite a lot of damage, even if Israel doesn't fire back (which they do).

I am curious, if it was a Jihad misfire, how likely that they'd admit it?

So did organizations like the Hamas or the Islamic Jihad ever took blame for rocket misfires or homemade explosives going off in their own populated areas?


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Keep in mind that denying responsibility (and thus not admitting errors) might be easier or more difficult to do depending on the circumstances.

If you mislaunch some homebrews in the midst of a non-violent phase, when the IDF isn't operating around Gaza, then you will have a harder time claiming it was Israel rather than your own screwup.

If however, the situation is like right now, with so much IDF ordnance being fired at Gaza, it is fairly trivial to claim it wasn't you, but rather Israel. And, given the alleged magnitude of casualties, there is a much larger incentive to do so.

Bottom line: that Hamas or Islamic Jihad admitted errors in the past, especially on smaller accidents, would give no real insight on whether they are being truthful or not in their denials in the case of this hospital event.

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    Indeed, and this is hardly particular from Hamas, or terrorist organizations in general. In the 9/6 market massacre incident, Zelensky was quick to accuse Russia of war crimes. While later investigations determined it was an ukrainian anti-aircraft missile, the ukrainian officials remained silent. I haven't heard of any of them acknowledging the error. Israel has never acknowledged any wrongdoing that wasn't filmed, either, and sometimes not even those.
    – Rekesoft
    Nov 2, 2023 at 8:58

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