According to the biography of Stuart Seldowitz he

is a three-time winner of the State Department’s Superior Honor Award.

I'm curious if that is unusual or a common occurrence. The Wikipedia page on the award doesn't shed much light on this: it lists a few recipients but none are said [there] to have gotten it multiple times.

So, is it common or uncommon for a career diplomat in the State Department to get that award multiple times? Or, [roughly] how many recipients of that award got it multiple times?


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I have not found a full list of recipients but I have found some more people who got the Superior Honor Award multiple times:

Julie Stufft has received is 7 times.

Gabriel Escobar 6 times.

David Schlaefer 5 times.

Several other people have received it multiple times according to their biographies on the state.gov website. I found them with a Google Search of "superior honor award site:state.gov".

All in all, receiving multiple Superior Honor Awards does not appear to be unprecendented, while still being rare and limited to people with an illustrious career in US foreign policy.

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