Biden-Harris Administration Announces $7 Billion For America’s First Clean Hydrogen Hubs, Driving Clean Manufacturing and Delivering New Economic Opportunities Nationwide.

According to some estimates, this will increase global green hydrogen production by threefold.

What is the current US policy on Hydrogen as a "green fuel" and how is the current administration promoting it?

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    I think that using hydrogen as fuel-like energy storage is a specific enough area and the US is a small enough political entity that this question can in principle be easily answered by citing some official announcements and summarizing them. Not close-worthy, but maybe not that interesting. "Green" Hydrogen is still not playing any substantial role. Commented Dec 18, 2023 at 14:50
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    Hydrogen is an energy storage mechanism, not a fuel source, that competes directly with batteries. It's not practical for cars, but it might make more sense to power larger vehicles with set routes like trucks and ships. Commented Dec 18, 2023 at 15:36
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    Hello everyone! This article energy.gov/articles/… interested me to ask this question, my question is asking details about such investment in green hydrogen. It's motivation and strategy of US.
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Currently Green Hydrogen production is not competitive with gray, thus in order to promote Green Hydrogen it must be supported with funding. Under The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) there are many benefits for the producers of Green Hydrogen. Most notably is tax credit with up to $3.00/kilogram of Green Hydrogen created. The detailed list of incentive can be found in the link.

With respect to policy, it should be noted that IRA is not restricted to Green Hydrogen but rather it is quite wide and covers many Green energy alternatives. Not sure I understand what is referred by "Hydrogen as a "green fuel". I think with respect to Hydrogen the focus is primarily to Greenify (decarbonize) the gray hydrogen now being used in the industry (above 90%) and little Hydrogen trucks/privates before aspiring something else.

Your link provides yet another link for the U.S roadmap with respect to Hydrogen which includes 99-page document which includes this figure:

enter image description here

According to which - the main focus of Hydrogen is to decarbonized several industries. Interestingly, they also want Hydrogen for power generation (maybe storage hubs to take advantage of grid arbitrage) - but as the figure shows - they aim to use the hydrogen directly in some industries that need (or rather will need) Hydrogen.

  • Using something as fuel means using it to provide the energy to move things. Like fuel cells in automobiles. Commented Dec 23, 2023 at 19:06

The U.S. has lagged other nations in the promotion of hydrogen development. But President-elect Joe Biden has promised to change this, through his commitments to rejoin the Paris Agreement and to make $1.7 trillion in government funding available for renewable power projects — including projects exploiting hydrogen.[6]

The incoming administration will not have to start at square one here: The U.S. Department of Energy has recently announced programs intended to encourage hydrogen use, such as the Hydrogen Program Plan, which emphasizes coordinated research and development activities designed to promote the adoption of hydrogen technologies across multiple applications and sectors.[7] Investors are flocking to hydrogen opportunities.[8] For example, in October 2020, TechnipFMC PLC entered into a strategic collaboration with McPhy Energy SAS, making an equity investment as part of the company's $211 million capital raise intended to accelerate the development of green hydrogen projects.[9] These funds will support McPhy's research and innovation efforts focused on the development of world scale hydrogen production projects, as well as large-capacity hydrogen vehicle refueling stations. Similar private sector hydrogen investment initiatives seem to be announced daily.


The U.S. will give funding to projects exploiting hydrogen, a portion of the $1.7 trillion will be used to achieve this.

Furthermore, the U.S. announced programs to encourage its use.

Because hydrogen is not cost-competitive, the U.S. will fund R&D, give financial incentives, tax-breaks, eliminate subsidies to competing energies in order to help promote it as a viable source of green energy.

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