In January 2024, Singaporean politician S. Iswaran resigned after being charged with corruption.

The Straits Times (2024-01-18):

[Iswaran's defence lawyer Davinder Singh] said cautioned statements were taken from Iswaran on 36 charges on Jan 15.

He said the defence learnt on the morning of Jan 18 that there were now just 27 charges, and asked if the prosecution was proceeding with the remaining nine charges.

The prosecution said it was not.

Channel NewsAsia (2024-01-18):

"It would appear that in the matter of two days, a decision has been taken not to proceed with the nine charges," Mr Singh told the judge.

"According to my learned friend, that is because they have reviewed all the evidence. But I would have thought, your honour, that the evidence would've been reviewed thoroughly before the 36 charges were levelled against my client on Monday. And so, for now, all I would say is that it is surprising but highly significant that after what I assumed was a thorough review and the levelling of the nine charges, in a matter of two days, there has been a complete change of position. I will say no more about that for now," said Mr Singh.

The 27 charges can be found here (The Straits Times, 2024-01-20).

But I can't find the other 9 dropped charges. What were they and why were they dropped?


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