As of right now (March 2024) there are quite a few sources saying that there is starvation on a large scale within the Gaza strip. Example, example.

Considering that Hamas' fighters are also within Gaza, does this suggest that their fighters are also starving?

I can't find any sources about this - everything I've found have focused on starvation of non-combatants.

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    Not my DV, but how are we going to get good sources about this? Hamas is probably not going to be forthcoming with this info. And if they come out of the tunnels for whatever reasons (including looking for food) and get killed, it's not going to count as death from starvation. Incidents like this show that the IDF isn't incredibly discriminating with those emerging from tunnels. Commented Mar 14 at 5:51
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  • Maybe there are some sources, IDK, just pointing out that unlike interviews with (say) Ukrainian soldiers that flood YouTube, you ain't going to see many with Hamas fighters. If you speak Arabic, and read the right Telegram channels, it might be different, IDK. Commented Mar 14 at 5:55
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Considering that Hamas' fighters are also within Gaza, does this suggest that their fighters are also starving?


For starters, one of the reasons for scarcity of food in Gaza is because Hamas pillaged some of the aid that did get there.

But, also, and more importantly, because they've been preparing for this war. They have major stockpiles of supplies hidden in the vast underground tunnels system they've built underneath the whole strip.

  • Edit suggestion:"For starters, one of the reasons for scarcity of food in Gaza is because Hamas pillaged some of the aid that did get there." Obviously the following changes can reflect the real situation. "For starters, despite Israel's extremely strict security assessment, there are still a dozen or dozens of supply trucks carrying supplies that can meet the survival needs of hundreds of thousands of people every day to ensure the survival of millions of people."
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    @Jack_here my goal is not to further pro-Palestinian propaganda, but to answer the question. Whether there's enough food without Hamas pillaging what's coming may be a separate question, but this one asks whether Hamas is hungry.
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    FDD is not an incredibly reputable source for claims like this skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/56287/… Commented Mar 14 at 7:27
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    Well, they do cite their sources
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FWTW, some Israeli hostages released say that they had received less food toward the end of their captivity. E.g.:

They were not physically harmed and often ate pitta and cheese with their captors until food became scarce.


While in captivity, she said the family survived on little water and food each day. “They tried to provide us with food. There was more in the beginning, but there was less later,” she said.

It's unclear though whether Hamas did this because they knew those persons were going to be released or they just didn't have enough to share. So, it's circumstantial evidence, like with much else in this matter.

Speaking of tunnels, the IDF did release some footage showing Hamas keeping some food and especially cash in some 'tunnels', or better said in the larger underground rooms thereof.

enter image description here enter image description here

With cash they can certainly buy food on flourishing Gaza black market.

Every day, Yasser Bashir, another displaced person who is sheltering in a UNRWA school in the city of Khan Yunis, waits for more than two hours in a long line to receive his share of daily food aid, but every time he receives "a small amount of food that is not enough for just one person."

"They (UN organisations) deliberately humiliate us, and we do not get enough food or even water. In return, we are forced to buy it from the black market," the 54-year-old father of eight remarked to TNA.

But it's not clear to me if most Hamas units have loads of cash on hand, like in that instance. Netanyahu has recently claimed that Hamas mainly gets their food "at gunpoint", or at least that that's the main reason why there's not enough food getting to the average Gazans--which Netanyahu also says he doesn't have enough information on (i.e. that a food crisis is happening).

Hunger and malnutrition are widespread in the Gaza Strip. The United Nations warns that famine is imminent [...]. Responding to these claims, Netanyahu said: “We don’t have that kind of information. That’s not the information we have. And we monitor it closely.” [...]

Asked why more aid isn’t reaching Gaza by land, Netanyahu said: “Hamas is coming at gunpoint and stealing the food.

For what's worth it, (former PM) Naftali Bennett went further and claimed not only that Hamas is stealing loads of food, but that they are [stealing so much that they have enough] to be selling it back to the black market at 10x markup, i.e. that Hamas has cornered the food market!

And (I guess) to prevent that from happening, Israel has been bombing some UN food distribution centers, at least while there's a Hamas guy inside.

Israel said on Wednesday its airstrike on a U.N. food distribution centre in southern Gaza killed a Hamas commander whom it targeted, and Palestinian health officials said it killed four more people including a U.N. worker.

The Israeli military said the strike killed Mohammad Abu Hasna, whom it described as a Hamas militant who provided intelligence to the group on Israeli troops' positions and was "also involved in taking control of humanitarian aid and distributing it to Hamas terrorists." [...]

At least one UNRWA staff member was among the five killed and 22 others were injured, the agency said, adding that the facility's coordinates had been shared with the Israeli military.

Now, truth to be told, they hit him in the courtyard, from what I can tell form the video, and only 5 people or so can be seen in the IDF footage. A spokesperson for the Israeli government used the opportunity to remind that "UNRWA is a Hamas front that's running interference for Hamas abusing its UN logo".

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    BTW, the IDF also claims they've already "reached most of" Hamas' "strategic compounds underground". Although it's somewhat unclear to me what they mean by that, I'm guessing it refers to compounds like those depicted in that video... because AFACIT they've not showcased anything more impressively looking than that. Commented Mar 14 at 13:42
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    Why are UN claims "clearly exaggerated"? The video seems quite consistent with UN claims, especially considering that a UN staff member at the site reports that it was struck by two missiles and the video appears to only show one strike. Commented Mar 14 at 14:44
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    @Dolphin613Motorboat I don't need to provide any evidence, you are the one making a claim viz. that UN claims are exaggerated. I'm pointing out that the evidence you have presented doesn't support that claim. Why can anything that the Israeli government says be trusted? Commented Mar 14 at 15:38
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    @littleadv Presumably because victims were moved to hospital in the hope they could be saved. In any case, I'm not making a claim about what happened, despite your continual misapprehension. It is the UN that is making a claim, which OP described as "clearly exaggerated". What I contested was the evidence they were using to dispute the UN's claim. It is entirely possible to prove a negative, incidentally. Commented Mar 14 at 23:51

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