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Source of Data.

This is the compilation of data from Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index.

This chart shows that in 2014, China suddenly plunged to 100th position. On the other hand, India's position has been improved by 9 places.

What is the factor that contributed to the sudden increase in China's corruption?

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    Transparency International does not measure corruption. They measure perceptions of corruption. If, say, corruption in China started getting a lot of news coverage, the perception of corruption would increase. – cpast Jul 30 '15 at 4:41
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    Can you give a source for this chart? It's a little confusing. There's nothing to say whether higher numbers are good or bad. – PointlessSpike Jul 30 '15 at 7:39
  • @pointlessspike, just go to transparency international's CPI site. – user4514 Jul 30 '15 at 9:11
  • I have taken the data from them. But, I made the chart myself. – user4514 Jul 30 '15 at 9:12
  • In that case, you might want to say what the numbers are. It might seem obvious, but it's not necessarily- it could be the level of transparency or the level of corruption. – PointlessSpike Jul 30 '15 at 9:48

To be clear, Transparency International (TI) doesn't measure corruption. In the whole work you can see they develop all the investigation with the word "perception", which mean their work is to know what the common citizen feel about the government and their corruption's fight.

Having said that, China is going to keep dropping two more places before they can rise in the charter of TI. They're going to drop not because they're lacking of fighting corruption, but they are currently uncovering lots of corruption cases. This is not new. What the people are trying to tell is deeper, they demand a full political reform and the authorities are trying to respond. The statistics are talking about cases of corruption and the measures:

Image available in Statista.

The number of cases is even before 2009, remember the Shanghai pension case for example. Jason Lyall wrote about the current measures:

The Chinese Communist Party is centralizing authority, broadcasting the self-criticisms of local officials and calling for a new morality in public life. The party’s decentralized and technocratic rule is over, replaced with a new, more political mode of governance aimed at better controlling local officials.

What people see is the response of their authorities and the opposition inside the China Communist Party says the efforts made by them are not enough, giving the reason in some terms to TI, that's why the result you found. Foreign Policy made a post about the cases of corruption, considering the report made by the Discipline Committee:

Cases of corruption. Source: [Foreign Policy][4]

You may think about the procedures and the partiality of the justice in the country and we have to take in consideration the number of cases keep growing while several cases are treated. These changes started (precisely highly supported) with Xi Jingping are going to take lots of time, but the message sent inside the Communist Party is very clear as the FP said:

Be afraid.

To finish, I would recommend this paper to understand the beginning of the corruption fighting in 2000s of Zengke He.

  • So Why is the perception of Corruption increasing? I dont understand could you summarize that for us? – SoylentGray Aug 1 '15 at 16:03
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    @Chad they are currently uncovering lots of corruption cases – Sam I am says Reinstate Monica Aug 3 '15 at 22:33
  • Is that because there is more corruption or just that they are looking for it more? Or did something happen that they got better at it? What is the cause of the increase in corruption cases? – SoylentGray Aug 4 '15 at 14:55

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