Were the American public (or a subset thereof) asked whether they consider prosecution of Donald Trump to be politically motivated? If so, what were the results?


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People poll about everything related to politics so of course there are polls about this. And it should also be noted that people can think that the charges are politically motivated and that he did something wrong.

Half of Americans think Trump's guilty verdict was correct, should end campaign: POLL

Forty-seven percent of Americans said they think the charges against Trump in this case were politically motivated, while 38% say they were not. At the same time, the slight majority at 51%, think Trump intentionally did something illegal in this case. Twelve percent think Trump did something wrong but not intentionally, and 19% believe he did not do anything wrong.



However, almost half of Americans also believe that the charges were politically motivated, and perceptions of Donald Trump (and Joe Biden) are statistically unchanged from before the verdict was announced, suggesting minimal changes in how Americans feel about the two presidential candidates.

Yes, there was a ipsos poll recently about this. Almost half of Americans believe that the charges were politically motivated.

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    It would be useful to have survey results not just partitioned by current political affiliation, but their political affiliation in 2016 if they were adult citizens at that time. I suspect that among people who called themselves "Republican" in 2016 but "Independent" today, the fraction wanting Trump to drop out would be comparable to that of Democrats, if not higher.
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Majority believe prosecution of Donald Trump upheld rule of law, not motivated by politics However, if looking behind the title that makes it a very slim majority. Even more amusing is that this belief is correlated with one's political affiliation: enter image description here

The truth is that with the role that Trumps plays in the US politics, and the clean party split during the impeachment proceedings, one should really ask whether anyone believes that the prosecution of Trump is not politically motivated? - that is, could Trump ever have a fair trial (could one really find jurors and judges whom he leaves impartial?)

It is also important to point out that politically motivated prosecution does not mean that Trump is innocent.

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