How do you find the transcript in Hansard of a debate for a particular Act? I would like to find the official record of the debate for the Freedom of Information Act 2000 . I attempted to use the online tool but it seems I would need to read every page for every debate over at least a 12 month period to find it.

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There is a website for searching the Official Report of debates in Parliament (Hansard). In particular, there is an index of bills which have been mentioned in Parliament, including an entry for references to the Freedom of Information Bill (and other bills of that name).

This covers everything except debates in Commons Public Bill Committees, which have their own index page.

It reveals that the bill's passage through Parliament looked like this:



UPDATE: Having researched this answer by using the aforementioned index of bills, it turns out that there is an easier way: the Act's entry on legislation.gov.uk already has a complete list (albeit without links)!

UPDATE 2: The Bills before Parliament website has information on every bill (and act) going back to 2002, including links to all debates, and the versions of the bill as it proceeded through Parliament, along with amendments and other documents related to the bill.

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