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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a winner-take-all system? (What prompted certain states not to adopt it?) [duplicate]

I was having trouble finding this question here, though I'm pretty it must have been answered. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a winner-take-all system for deciding electors for a state? ...
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What are the disadvantages to 2-round elections where the top candidates from the first round compete head-to-head in the second round?

This is the election system in France and Ukraine. In the first round anyone can run. If no candidate wins an absolute majority, then the top two candidates go to a second round where they face off ...
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Why can't voting be fair if there are more than two alternatives?

I've heard that mathematically it can be shown that given any voting system with more than two choices, voters can cheat the system by not voting their true opinions in order to game the system and ...
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Why does the libertarian party keep failing to gain much approval in US?

In the U.S, there has not been much support for the Libertarian Party. Even though two of the leading candidates in the past presidential election have been considered to have too many faults to be ...
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Why did a trade-union and labour movement not arise in the United States, as it did in other developed countries?

Last night I watched the Panorama programme on BBC TV, which examined the views of several Trump voters a year after the election. What struck me was the extent to which Trump was able to garner the ...
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How does Single Transferable Vote work?

I've heard that some elections use single transferable vote. What is this and how does it work? How does it differ from a standard majority vote election?
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Why does the number of votes not correspond to the number of elected MPs?

I understand the first past the post system in that the candidate with the most votes in a constituency is elected as the MP for their particular party, but what I don't understand why the SNP can get ...
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What are practical steps citizens can take to alter a first past the post system?

Given the arguments against first past the post voting systems, I'd like to know what could be done to change them. However, there's a difficulty with proposing such a change to the system, and that'...
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Number of councils

According to the BBC, there were 279 councils in England in 2015, versus 124 in 2016. Why is that number different? Also, the UK in general and England specifically is currently predominantly ...
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How did the electoral system work in late Ottoman empire and early Turkey?

I am reading about elections in the late Ottoman empire and early Turkey (1880-1935) and there always seemed to be these "secondary electors" elected by the people. These "secondary electors" then ...
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