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Why doesn't the EU now just force the UK to choose between referendum and no-deal?

Since May has proven unable to get a deal through, there are now two alternatives left: no-deal, or an article 50 extension (which would then lead to further deals being put on the table, or possibly ...
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Can the UK realistically back out of Brexit?

Note: this is not a question about whether Brexit is a good or bad thing. Keep answers impartial please. It is quite obvious that the current British government negotiating Brexit terms has a very ...
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Could the UK re-join EU after leaving?

Let's assume that Article 50 is invoked and UK officially leaves EU For some reason, both UK populace (a large share) and enough powers that be or popular will in EU, decide that UK ought to re-join ...
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What happens if it is proved that "vote leave" campaign broke campaigning laws?

This Guardian article argues about connections between Cambridge Analytica and Brexit referendum. There is a paragraph that tells us about some restrictions related to how information and money can ...
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Which parties would try to stop Brexit from happening after the "snap election"?

Yesterday, Prime Minister Theresa May announced that there would be a "Snap General Election", provided she gets backing of MPs, on 8th June. Last month, she formally triggered Article 50, and began ...
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What is Article 50?

Former Prime Minister David Cameron said he would leave triggering Article 50 up to his successor. What exactly is Article 50?
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Could the EU rewrite Article 50 in an attempt to make it more difficult for the UK to Brexit?

The scenario I am about to offer is very particular. Suppose that the UK is running out of time before Brexit Day and doesn't have a deal signed with the EU - or an extension of time from the EU with ...
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Can the UK revoke Article 50 to reinvoke it later? [duplicate]

What stops the UK from revoking Article 50 simply to reinvoke it later for an additional 2 years of time to work out a deal?
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What are the UK's "constitutional requirements" for Article 50 notification of withdrawal from EU?

Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty says: Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements. What are the UK's constitutional ...
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Are future UK parliaments (i.e. election this week) bound by decisions of previous parliaments regarding the Brexit vote (among other things)? [duplicate]

For example, after this week's election, could parliament say "Hey, the referendum and subsequent parliamentary vote were relevant to a time in the past. It has nothing to do with us and we are not ...
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