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What drawbacks are there in preferential voting? [duplicate]

I recently discovered that Australia uses the preferential voting system. It looks like a great system, so great that I do not see any immediate drawbacks. What are they?
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What are the disadvantages to 2-round elections where the top candidates from the first round compete head-to-head in the second round?

This is the election system in France and Ukraine. In the first round anyone can run. If no candidate wins an absolute majority, then the top two candidates go to a second round where they face off ...
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How did Alaska "change its primary system recently" and was it "to dilute the possibility of a conservative or Trump-inspired challenger"?

Politico's GOP pushes Murkowski to stay in line against Biden’s Covid bill includes the following: Murkowski is unique, however, and so is her home of Alaska. The state is suffering economically, the ...
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Could the US become a multi-party democracy organically (without a change to the constitution)?

In many northern European countries (Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark) there is a large number of political parties and the government is always made up of a coalition of these because no single ...
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Did the 2022 Alaska congressional special election have a Condorcet winner, who was not elected?

Does anyone know if Begich may have been the Condorcet winner? Nic Tideman emailed me a few days ago, asking me this question. I sure as hell do not know unless we can get the records of the ...
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Effect of Fair Representation Act

The Fair Representation Act was recently introduced by House Member Don Bayer. The main changes that I've read about were that it would introduce instant-runoff style ranked choice voting and that it ...
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Are there any practical difficulties with switching to alternative voting systems in the US? [duplicate]

For the purposes of this question, I'll focus on the STV alternative voting system. America uses a First Past the Post system along with its Electoral College to decide the President. However, in ...
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What are the pros and cons of ranked-choice voting compared to first-past-the-post voting?

What are the pros and cons of ranked-choice voting (RCV) compared to first-past-the-post voting (FPTP), supported by research? Notes: I prefer answers supported by evidence, with data from actual ...
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What steps need to happen for the alternative vote to be implemented?

The alternative vote seems like an excellent replacement for the first-past the post voting system. Per the answers on this question, I understand some of the reasons of why it hasn't been implemented ...
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Presidential Election via STV?

STV when talking about voting systems stands for Single Transferable Vote. Is it even possible to fairly elect a president via STV? Representatives, yes, but a president? Here is what I think would ...
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