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Why isn't Northern Ireland demanding a referendum on joining Ireland, similar to the one in Scotland? [duplicate]

Northern Ireland looks like it's in a perfect position for a referendum on leaving the UK: it could instantly join its neighbor Ireland and remain a part of the EU, it has a long history of protesting ...
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Why is it impossible to leave the Single Market without a hard Irish border?

I see a repeated assumption that puzzles me. From another well asked and answered question: On one hand it is impossible for the UK to leave the Single Market while maintaining an open border with ...
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Can Northern Ireland's border issue be solved by repartition?

In following the ongoing Brexit drama, it seems everything is resolved except the question of the Northern Irish border, which is very difficult indeed to solve. Idea: draw a new border that splits ...
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Why are UK MPs targeting the prime minister and not the deal?

Given that the Prime Minister's activity that has given rise to discontent in her own party, that any EU deal is subject to an imminent meaningful vote, and that no alternative candidate nor markedly ...
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Explain for kids — Why isn't Northern Ireland demanding a stay/leave referendum like Scotland? is too abstruse — the history and religion conflicts are too complicated. I'm seeking answers written for a 10 y.o. Every week, I see a new article on the ...
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Why are the nationalists and unionists in Ireland & Northern Ireland OK with using violence?

This is a follow-up question to Why can't Northern Ireland just have a stay/leave referendum? As I understand the answers to that question, a key part of the problem is that a significant fraction of ...
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Would the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland be interested in reuniting?

One of the major issues which the EU and UK will face in case of a no-deal Brexit is the question of the border between the Republic of Ireland (country in the EU) and Northern Ireland (part of the UK)...
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Why is having border controls in Ireland so problematic for Irish nationalists?

One of the biggest challenges of Brexit is resolving the issue of the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. On one hand it is impossible for the UK to leave the Single Market while maintaining ...
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Would it be plausible to solve the Irish Border issue by unifying Ireland?

The Irish border seems to be the biggest obstacle to establishing an agreement on Brexit and we've seen considerable talk about hard and soft borders. There are two potential solutions that I have NOT ...
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Can the UK deal selectively with Ireland post-Brexit without falling afoul of WTO rules?

A major obstacle in the Brexit negotiation process currently is the issue of the Irish border. All available options seem insufficient to some or all of the negotating partners, as detailed in this ...
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