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Could the Queen overturn the UK Supreme Court ruling regarding prorogation of Parliament? [duplicate]

A couple of days ago, the UK Supreme Court ruled that Boris Johnson's advice to the Queen, which led to the prorogation of Parliament for 5 weeks ahead of the October 31st Brexit date, was unlawful. ...
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What governmental power does the Monarch hold in Great Britain in practice?

We have been led to believe that much of the power that was once held by the monarchy has been transferred to the Parliament and that the King is mostly a figurehead. However, the government is still ...
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Why don't British kings and queens veto laws? [duplicate]

I've learned from Wikipedia that the British king or queen has the right to veto laws, but they don't use the right. Why is that? Is it because of tradition, respect for democracy, some regulations or ...
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Could the Queen have stopped Brexit?

If Her Majesty so desired, would she have been allowed to overrule the will of both the people and the House of Commons and prevent the triggering of Article 50? If so, what political backlash would ...
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What made Queen Elizabeth so popular?

Queen Elizabeth was one of the most popular people in many countries, while also being significantly less controversial than any politicians or celebrities of the same scale. What actions did Queen ...
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Can the Queen of the United Kingdom appoint her successor? [duplicate]

In some monarchies, a ruling monarch may choose his/her successor by public declaration, or by testament. In other, only an elder male child may inherit the throne, with no exceptions. There were ...
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What power does the Queen have in the event of a Hung Parliament?

Media reports that Mrs. May (Conservatives) is heading to the Queen soon requesting to form a government, even though her party has no majority. Corbyn & McDonnell (Labour Party) also want to ...
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Can the Queen still cancel Brexit?

This answer from 2017 on whether the Queen could have stopped Brexit states (emphasis mine): Furthermore, the executive power of the British government to make and withdraw from international ...
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The actual purview of Her Majesty The Queen's prerogative?

In keeping up to date on Brexit, Dominic Cummings, Special Advisor to Boris Johnson - UK Prime Minister - has stated that, in the event that a motion of no confidence has passed the House of Commons, ...
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Can the Queen refuse to suspend the Parliament?

According to BBC in Government asks Queen to suspend Parliament: The government has asked the Queen to suspend Parliament just days after MPs return to work in September - and only a few weeks before ...
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Did the supreme court overrule the monarch?

We heard that the Supreme Court not only decided that the Prime Minister's advice to the Queen was unlawful, but that the prorogation was therefore void: it didn't happen, Parliament was not prorogued....
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What kind of legislative power does the British monarchy possess?

When did the British monarchy actually hand over its legislative powers to the parliament? Why is the monarchy still present today? There seems to be no real need for it anymore. Not only that I think ...
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