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Questions about the government or politics of administrative divisions (any division of a country divided up for administrative purposes, examples include the county, state and province)

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Why does Illinois have over 8000 administrative divisions? Was there any official rationale for the huge expansion of local governments?

The exact count differs by source with the most being 8923 divisions reported by the Chicago Civic Federation and 6042 divisions reported by the Illinois Department of Revenue. See https://www....
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Did the Biden administration have a working definition of democracy when it chose which countries to invite to its "democracy summit"?

The New York Times' Biden Rallies Global Democracies as U.S. Hits a ‘Rough Patch’ The president kicked off his summit as critics questioned the guest list and whether the United States could be an ...
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Why is this southern coastal part of Iceland incorporated in its Capital Region despite being detached from it?

This remote area of land on the southern coast of Iceland is incorporated in the Capital Region (Reykjavík and greater areas), but is geographically detached from the rest of the region. This is a ...
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What are the pros and cons of consolidating sparsely populated rural counties?

Many American states have dozens of small, sparsely populated rural counties. Some of these counties have fewer than 20k inhabitants. What are the pros and cons of the state government consolidating ...
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Are there federal systems where federal laws do not have primacy?

The powers are distributed in a federal system. But often, the jurisdiction of the federal government and that of the state/province/etc. can intersect for a particular subject matter (e.g. federal ...
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What were the scheduled districts under the British Raj in India? What was their purpose?

I am reading 'Indian Polity' by M Laxmikanth, chapter on 'Union Territories'. The author says, During the British Rule, certain areas were constituted as scheduled districts in 1874. Later they ...
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What is gerrymandering called if it's not the result of redrawing districts?

The result of gerrymandering is a set of voting districts that are not representative of the overall ideology of a larger region. Gerrymandering refers specifically to obtaining that result by ...
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How does Anarcho Communism solve the temporal division of labor problem?

How does AnCom solve the temporal division of labor problem? Presumably no one wants to live in a cave. Take a pencil, for example. To manufacture it requires a rubber tree farm, a logging territory, ...
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India - States and Union Territories

India has 28 States, and seven Union Territories. While States have their own elected Governments, Union Territories are directly controlled by the federal government. What was the purpose of ...
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Why three levels of territorial units in the NUTS?

The Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics is an EU standard which defines three levels of territorial units. Whether directly because of this or because of related regulations, Poland ...
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