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Did Trump authorise a 2016 negative political ad against the Jewish elite? [closed]

There is a negative political ad floating around that is alleged to be from the 2016 Trump campaign. Its content is the standard anti-globalist fare. The ad implies that Democrat presidential ...
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Why would the Lincoln Project campaign *against* Sen. Susan Collins?

As I understand it, The Lincoln Project is anti-Trump Republicans. So why would they campaign against Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)? And not only that, but campaign the hardest of any Senate election? I ...
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What is the purpose for ads for candidates that are basically guaranteed to lose?

I saw this ad for a man named Joe Collins. He is running for CA-43 and put out a new video attacking Maxine Waters for not living in the district she represented for 44 years. It depicts her as ...
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Why do politicians create more advertising badmouthing their opponents, rather than promoting themselves?

I live in Iowa and have been inundated with a lot of political advertising everywhere (TV, mail, internet) as the 2020 US election approaches. It seems to me that most of the political advertising ...
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Has the debate moment when Donald Trump said "elections have consequences" been used in any 2020 USA election ads?

In the September 29th, 2020 debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the debate moderator, Chris Wallace, asked each candidate about the next Supreme Court appointment. WALLACE: "Our first ...
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Why do attack ads focus so much on Joe Biden's mental state but not Donald Trump's?

Now the USA has a longstanding tradition of negative campaigning, so it is not surprising when the competence of a political opponent is questioned. What is surprising however, is that while Democrats ...
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Why is the US broadcast media mostly banned from fact-checking political advertising?

On this site the author writes: Two more Facebook moderation stories. On one hand, they're moving to block 'deep fake' manipulated video, but on the other, they're holding firm on not fact-checking ...
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What was the political impact of the 'Daisy' election campaign commercial? [closed]

I can see why the Johnson Campaign's Daisy was controversial. I also know that Johnson won the 1964 United States presidential election. However, how much of a political impact did Daisy really have? ...
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Why is the Cambridge Analytica story such a big deal in the US?

Cambridge Analytica gathered data from Facebook users and used that data to target advertisements. But, Facebook also uses its users' data to target advertisements. I can see why Facebook is upset--...
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Does the US government fund the media?

The major news outlets in the United States are all considered private, ABC News CBS News CNN Fox News Channel MSNBC NBC News But there are lots of reports of the government spending millions on ...
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Can a TV Network refuse to air political Ads they do not agree with? [duplicate]

Can a TV Broadcaster legally refuse to air Political Ads under FCC rules & precedent governing political advertising if a registered political candidate or PAC were to air perceived negative ...
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Have there been any studies that show that advertising for an election has an effect on who wins?

Have there been any scientific studies that show whether or not spending money on advertising and campaigning has an effect on the outcome of an election? I can think of several elections where the ...
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Supposed "Russia-linked" political ads placed on Facebook - are there examples?

It has recently been alleged that the "Russia-linked" accounts spent 50,000-150,000 USD on some kind of "politically divisive ads" on Facebook before or around the US presidential elections in ...
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How effective are political banner ads by social media websites? Are obnoxious ads counter-productive?

Are there any statistics on whether social media sites that sponsor prominent political banner ads on their user interaction pages cause a long-term increase or decrease in support for the position ...
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Can a TV station refuse a politically oriented advertisement which does not comply with its editorial line?

John Oliver said in his last Sunday show (12th February) that he paid several TV channels to broadcast an advertisement obviously making fun of Mr Trump (around 21:40, toward the end of the video). ...
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I'm Jesse Talavera-Greenberg, and I approve of this message

I'm Jesse Talavera-Greenberg, and I approve of this message. If I were running for US president, would I have to say that in my televised campaign ads? If so, why?
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Why does Victoria prohibit sex work ads from mentioning ethnicity?

From Sex worker group Vixen Collective disappointed by Victorian regulation review: The changes also now allow advertisements to "contain references to the race, colour or ethnic origin, in ...
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Why does the US allow political campaign advertising?

In the US politics has very much become about money- how much is contributed to a campaign's finances is a major issue because of the cost of advertising. In the EU, however, it is common to ban ...
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Is it allowed in the United States to advertise for a peaceful political meeting in social networks against the government?

Is it completely illegal and do people who have committed it have to face fines and punishments? I asked because the same matter has negative consequences in some other countries.
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Did any large cities in Europe or North America ban outdoor advertising?

In September 2006, Sao Paolo, Brazil banned outdoor advertising. Are there any examples of such measures in cities in Europe or North America? The only thing I'm personally aware of is that the ...
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