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Why doesn't Harvard and other universities supporting affirmative action simply stop receiving Federal Funds?

As outlined in Why did CJ Roberts apply the Fourteenth Amendment to Harvard, a private school?, the affirmative action only applies to schools that receive federal funding. But the federal funds seem ...
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Can the supreme court decision to abolish affirmative action be reversed at any time? The Court has come to rest on the bottom-line conclusion that racial diversity in higher education is only worth po- tentially preserving ...
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Why did African Americans and Native Americans vote too oppositely on the Affirmative Action poll?

I found a tabular analysis on Wikipedia about affirmative action. It shows: "Supporters and opponents of affirmative action in California 2020". Popular Group For Affirmative Action Against ...
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How does diversity in education affect educational attainment of students?

In the U.S. supreme court case Grutter v. Bollinger, the following statement was made: In a majority opinion joined by four other justices, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor held that the Constitution &...
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Why should one wish to increase representation of under-represented group? [closed]

Perhaps an obvious question, but I can't give a precise answer. Exactly, why the idea of AA to increase the representation of minority group through methods is gaining prominence in recent times(*)? I ...
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Fact-based arguments for and against President Biden's plan to appoint a black female to the US Supreme Court as being like Affirmative Action [closed]

Wikipedia's Affirmative Action begins: Affirmative action refers to a set of policies and practices within a government or organization seeking to include particular groups based on their gender, ...
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Does reservation based affirmative action really help in reducing inequality?

In India for example, caste and economic based affirmative action is used in political seats, education etc. My question is, have these methods of affirmative action in general (independent of India) ...
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Affirmative action based on economic status

The reservation system in India is based on caste. Similar affirmative action policies of many other countries are based on minority communities. I think Israel is an example. Is there a country who ...
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What racial classifications systems are used for affirmative action in the Republic of South Africa?

Affirmative Action, in the context of race, ethnicity, etc. can cover a variety of measures such as simple non-discrimination (depending on definitions this might not be classed as "affirmative ...
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What racial classification systems are used for affirmative action?

Affirmative Action, in the context of race/ethnicity, can cover a variety of measures such as simple non-discrimination (depending on definitions this might not be classed as "affirmative action&...
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Are there examples of affirmative action (or equivalent) being applied to White groups?

In Does the VRA require drawing districts for white people in majority-minority states? it was asked if the Voting Rights Act could be applied to white minorities any time soon and the answer seems to ...
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Why is President Trump ending affirmative action in college admissions so controversial?

It was recently announced that: The Trump administration is expected to tell schools not to consider race in the admissions process, discontinuing the policy former President Barack Obama adopted ...
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Are there any statistics on the socio-economic background on affirmitive action college admissions

I am wondering whether the affirmative action admission scholarships to college in the US handed out to minorities based on race or similar, goes to applicants from a poor background. The reason for ...
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What's the difference between affirmative action and racism?

Affirmative action is the policy of favoring certain groups of people over others. In the US, this is generally implemented by basis of race. How is this not the exact definition of ...
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