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Questions relating to the government or politics of the continent of Africa

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Why is redrawing the artificial borders not a viable solution to conflicted states?

Multiple states in Middle East and Africa seem to be stuck in violent conflicts that seem to be reoccurring and nearly inevitable because of the unstable internal power balance of various ethnic or ...
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Why is France involved in Mali?

This month France has sent ground troops to and bombed northern Mali. This feels like the first time in a while that a country besides the US has stuck its neck out to fight violent Islamist groups ...
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Why does the US seem to have a rather low economic interest in Africa?

This question shows us the increasing economic interest of China in the African continent. Indeed this document confirms that China's trade in goods with African countries is half of the EU's: ...
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Migrant from Africa to Europe by sea from North Africa

What policy could the European Union adopt to save the large numbers of migrants dying trying to gain access to the EU from northern Africa by sea, without opening the door to a flood on new migrant?
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Why is China trying to develop Africa?

Kishore Mahbubani, a scholar on government policy, claimed (YouTube link) that China is trying to develop Africa more than any other country. What benefits would China gain by developing Africa ...
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Why isn't Somalia a part of the East African Federation?

The East African Federation is a proposed nation state that's made up of 6 unified east African states: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. This doesn't include Somalia, a ...
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What's the highest level of official recognition that an African country gave to their "brothers" in the US?

I'm guessing that some African countries might have given their "brothers" (see further below a discussion what this could possibly mean) over the Atlantic, meaning African Americans, some kind of ...
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Was the recent spate of military coups in Africa done so with either the overt or covert support of the USA? [closed]

The Intercept has reported that since 2008, at least eight successful military coups have occurred in Africa led by US trained soldiers: Guinea, Mauritanea and the Gambia, and also three times each in ...
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