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For questions and curiosity on the African Union (AU), a Unity of 55 member states of the continent of Africa, and relates to promoting the African Continent and cooperating with international states

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The Efficacy and Behavior of the African Union

I'm interested in a summary of the political reality of the African Union, what it wants to do, what it actually does, and how effective it is at accomplishing it's goals. I've gotten the sense that ...
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Why is the Chinese Model of debt financed economic aid more attractive to Africa than West's structural re-adjustment programs?

I know the IMF imposed harsh austerity to ensure repayment and forced these countries to open up their markets to western countries. But isn't China doing the exact same thing? They are also very ...
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Was the recent spate of military coups in Africa done so with either the overt or covert support of the USA? [closed]

The Intercept has reported that since 2008, at least eight successful military coups have occurred in Africa led by US trained soldiers: Guinea, Mauritanea and the Gambia, and also three times each in ...
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Why does West Africa seem to destabilize?

If you've been following the global news, or more specifically the West African Region, there seems to be a disturbing trend emerging. Nearly 6 Countries have experienced successful or unsuccessful ...
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Why does the African Union defer to Somalia on the question of Somaliland's suzerainty?

There was an interesting Economist article I read on the question of why Somaliland, a functioning state in all but name, isn't recognized by more countries: For longer than most of its people have ...
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What and how is the relationship between the United States of America plus the European Union on the African Union? [closed]

I've seen a photo of Ivanka Trump and H.E.AMB.Kwesi Quartey and I wanted to ask what the Relationship between the US and the African Union is as well as the European Union, as cooperation between both ...
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What's the African Union's Plan on accomplishing the Agenda 2063 for transforming Africa?

I am aware that the African Union (AU) has plans on sustainable development and I am curious about how the AU plans to fulfill this mind-blowing idea and would help be needed from outside the African ...
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Why has the African Union readmitted Morocco?

As of a few days ago, Morocco has been readmitted to the African Union after 33 years. According to Newsweek, Morocco left the predecessor organization after a majority of the members voted to ...
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What interests do Haiti and the AU have in Haitian associate membership?

According to the Wikipedia page on African Union, Haiti is currently a member observer of the AU and current pending full Associate Member status due at the AU summit in July 2012 (sic). Haiti is in ...
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