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Questions related to alcoholic beverages and drinking laws.

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Why is alcohol restricted to 21 in the US, while other potentially harmful things are allowed at 18?

It seems rather odd to me that an 18 year old in the US is allowed to enter the military, be drafted, smoke cigarettes, take on loads of college debt, and buy a house (despite the unlikelihood of ...
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Why is the drinking age usually higher than the age of consent & driving age?

If we look at the world map, most countries in the world have a legal drinking age of 18. Comparatively the legal driving age in many countries is as low as 16, and the age of consent is roughly ...
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Why does Thailand ban the sale of alcohol between 2 and 5 p.m.?

I read on The sale of alcohol in Thailand is banned between 2pm and 5pm and again between midnight and 11am seven days a week. Why does ...
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Why is the British Chancellor allowed to drink alcohol in the House of Commons chamber?

On the site's information about the annual budget, it describes the tradition of "Despatch box drinks", where the Chancellor is afforded the privilege to drink alcohol at the despatch ...
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How many US states still prohibit transportation of alcohol across state lines without a license, even for personal use?

Apparently Ohio still prohibits transportation of alcohol (even for personal use) across its state lines, without a license ("H permit"), while Pennsylvania legalized it in 2015/2016 and ...
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Why are drinking laws so strict in the USA?

In the USA, alcohol laws are very strict and specific, while in most other parts of the world they are very lax. What's the reason?
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Why did the US prohibit alcohol (instead of some other substance) during Prohibition

In the 1920s, why did the United States decide to prohibit alcohol instead of some other substance? There were many other substances available, presumably any of them could have been banned. Why was ...
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