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Questions relating to the policies and governance of the Australian Labor Party

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Why did Australian Labor MP Khalil Eideh get denied entry to the USA?

Khalil Eideh is an Australian State (Victoria) Member of Parliament who was on an official trip studying drug policy and injecting rooms. When the group was to travel from Canada to the USA he was ...
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What changes are the Australian Labour Party proposing to negative gearing in 2016?

The proposed changes to negative gearing have received a lot of attention. Plenty of media and the labour party website does not get directly into the details. Party website
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Why does the Australian Labor Party spell use the American spelling instead of the Australian spelling?

Australia uses British English for their spelling, which spells labour as in physical work, with a "u", where the Australian Labor Party spells it without a "u".This is in contrast to the British ...
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Was Australian Labor loss due to internal party conflict?

One of commentors on a Slashdot article (somewhat tangentially to the question's topic, discussing a Liberal Democratic party Senate win) noted that the main reason Labor lost the nation-wide election[...
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Are Australian Federal Senators Bob Carr and Kim Carr related, or do they just have the same surname by coincidence?

I've tried to Google this question, but I haven't been able to find anything relevant, which suggests that it is just a coincidence, but I would have thought that surely someone else would be curious ...
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