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Questions related to the ideology which is also known as “libertarian anarchy” or “market anarchism” or “free market anarchism". It is a libertarian and individualist anarchist political philosophy that advocates the elimination of the state in favour of individual sovereignty in a free market.

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Has there ever been a true instance of unregulated capitalism?

Has there ever been any place that used unregulated capitalism? No regulations. No restrictions. No government interference.
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Why is it a bad idea to hire a hitman to eliminate most corrupt politicians?

According to an article I read recently (I could not find it though), the easiest way to take down a big authority is by cutting the head - meaning the uppermost level of control of that authority - ...
10 votes
5 answers

How does anarcho-communism avoid turning into anarcho-capitalism?

The idea of the communist revoluton through socialism is that the socialist state was intended to eventually destroy itself and the society will live in a communist system. But that society would not ...
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Literature on Private Countries

Amidst Anarchocapitalist authors such as Murray Rothbard, are there any who discuss the possibility of privately-owned countries? Private countries would be shares of land owned by investors which ...
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What are the most popular anarchist movements?

What are the largest anarchist organisations internationally by membership? I am curious about the relative popularity of different anarchist ideologies, to understand if say, anarcho-capitalism is ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Is it permissible to kill a neighbor who financially supports a warlord out of self-defense?

In a peaceful, balanced, anarcho-capitalist society, is it a violation of the non-aggression principal or permissible to kill a neighbor in self-defense because they are financially supporting a ...
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Why don't black people embrace anarcho-capitalism when it would encourage groups like the Black Panthers? [closed]

This film described how the corrupt government police murdered Fred Hampton in his home. Most black people felt that was unjust. Yet, most black people ...
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But without government, who will take care of the poor? [closed]

Without government, who will take care of the poor? One government defines poverty as $11,888/yr for an individual.
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Without government, wouldn't warlords take over? [closed]

In an Anarcho-capitalist society, where there is no government, wouldn't warlords of competing factions take over?
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24 votes
2 answers

Without government, who would build the roads?

In an Anarcho-capitalist society, where there is no government, who would build the roads?
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