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What is the logic of allowing animal testing for cosmetics regarding the safety of workers but not the safety of customers?

25 years ago in response to public pressure concerning animal welfare in the cosmetics industry a ban on cosmetic testing on animals was introduced. The text of that motion: That this House welcomes ...
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Why does Russia have so little / no formal recognition of animal suffering or sentience?

According to this Wikipedia map, Russia appears in the following category when it comes to "World laws pertaining to animal sentience": No recognition of animal sentience or suffering This is ...
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What is the fundamental difference between whaling and hunting other animals?

I read this article and it seems like activists from cultures without a long history of whaling are inconsistent in their criticism of Japan for its whaling. Many cultural cuisines like rabbits, cows,...
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Why is public funding used to support bullfighting in France?

According to this article bullfighting is allowed only within a small portion of France and also requires some public funding to be alive: Bullfighting takes place in only 10% of the French ...
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