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Questions tagged [australia]

For questions relating to the government and politics of Australia.

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2 answers

Equivalent to government shutdown in parliamentary systems

Given the recent government shutdown in the US, there have been a lot of related questions here wondering about the possibility of it happening in the UK, Australia, and so on. In general, the ...
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Why should public servants be apolitical?

The High Court of Australia has recently ruled in Comcare v. Banerji which was a test case that revealed the limits of the implied freedom of speech in Australia. A public servant, Michaela Banerji, ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Could the Australian Government be denied funding in the same way that happened in the USA?

Recently there has been a lot of news about the US Debt Crisis. Could something similar happen in Australia, for example if the senate refused to pass legislation allowing the government to spend ...
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How did Australia wind up with a two-party system?

Currently in Australia, there are two major parties: The Australian Labor Party and the Australian Liberal Party (which ironically is a conservative party. Currently in Australia it is simply not ...
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33 votes
6 answers

Why do Australians want to remain under British monarchy?

If I am not wrong they once voted against being a republic country some years ago. I understand Australians and feel sympathy for them about that they are different from some other countries which ...
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Why does Australia not tolerate China building a base in Solomon Islands if they think Russia should tolerate NATO expansion in Ukraine?

Australia apparently thinks Russia should tolerate NATO expansion in Ukraine, since they've 1) condemned the invasion and 2) imposed sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine. On the other hand, ...
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1 answer

How are residents of the Australian Capital Territory represented compared to other states and territories?

Every once in a while, the discussion of statehood for Washington D.C. flares up, with the argument made, that residents of Washington D.C. are less represented in Congress than residents of other US ...
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Can Australia join the Council of Europe?

In order to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest, a country has to be a member of the European Broadcasting Union, which requires being within the European Broadcasting Area, or being a member of ...
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Are there some statistics on the political affiliation of NESBs?

Non-English speaking background (NESB) is a demographic category often encountered in Australian publications. Are there statistics on the political party affiliation of NESBs (membership or just whom ...
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3 votes
1 answer

What are the changes being made to the NSW ICAC (Independent commission against corruption)

There are some apparently controversial changes being made to ICAC( in New South Wales there is more comment about the motivations than the substance what are the changes ...
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Why did Secretary Michael Pervan not appoint a CHO in 2018?

So, I was looking at the Australian Chief Health Officers (CHOs), and couldn't find one for Tasmania. Upon further investigation, it looks like the Tasmanian Health Department was re-organized in ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Who is on the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee?

During this covid-19 event, Australians have been addressed by the Prime Minister Scott Morrison a number of times, where he has delivered speeches and informed the public of what actions are ...
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4 answers

Why is it possible for Bangladesh to hold staged elections but practically impossible in Western liberal democracies?

Banagladesh's current regime held two staged elections in 2014 and 2018. They are preparing for another one. DW: Bangladesh's 'staged' elections Some in Bangladesh election observer group said they ...
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