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Is the "One Country, Two Systems" approach a viable option for Taiwan? [closed]

Why would Taiwan avoid this arrangement? Obviously, Taiwan would like to preserve its democracy, but at some point Taipei will have to reckon with the economic realities of the region and relative ...
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In general, is the ineffectivness to provide basic standards of living of authoritarian states more attributable to malice or incompetence? [closed]

I think it's fair to say that with the possible exception of the richer parts of China, life under authoritarian regimes tends to be pretty terrible. Sometimes that is by design, like in North Korea ...
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Is democracy inherently anti-authoritarian?

I read a question asking if communism was inherently authoritarian as it is often portrayed. President Nixon often talked about countries being either communist or free. Is democracy always the ...
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How do authoritarian leaders emerge under a multi-party parliamentarian system?

I'm curious if there had been an authoritarian leader who rose to power from within a multi-party parliamentarian system? To clarify the terminology: Multi-Party System: A political system where it ...
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Why do populists and dictators sometimes lie so ridiculously that it's obvious it's untrue?

Why do populists and dictators sometimes lie so ridiculously that it's entirely obvious it's untrue? What purpose do such blatant lies serve if no one takes them seriously? Examples of extremely ...
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Has authoritarianism been removed as an attribute of the right?

Historically, authoritarianism was an attribute of the right; during the French parliament in the momentous 1789 vote in which a decision was made regarding the veto power against the king post ...
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Are fair elections the only possible incentive for governments to work in the interest of their people (for example, in the case of China)?

Why does the Chinese government rule the country not phenomenally, but better than one would expect from unelected authorities? I think it's supposed to work the following way: the officials try to ...
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Are election boycotts effective against an authoritarian regime?

If there are no fair elections in a country, the opposition may choose to still participate and try to defend its result or to boycott an unfair election altogether. Are election boycotts effective ...
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Does the introduction of elections and other democratic institutions contribute to social disruptions and chaos in a country with a weak state?

I am conducting a research on a historical period in Iran in which a short period of premature democratic rule by a government with low state capabilities led to social disruptions and chaos and ...
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In authoritarian countries, is it more effective for protesters to make economic demands or political demands?

Context: I was involved in a discussion about the rationality of protesters in Russia. The thesis was that, given that the regime is very reluctant to give up its political control over the country, ...
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According to political scientists and historians, what is the most effective and bloodless way to topple an authoritarian regime?

A great volume of knowledge about authoritarian regimes and revolutions has been amassed. Using that scientific knowledge, what is the best algorithm to bring down such a regime without much (any, if ...
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How are VPNs such a big industry in Iran despite internet censorship by the authoritarian government?

I have read about how VPNs are a big industry in Iran with the Iran Communication State mentioning it as a lucrative industry. However, the state is also big on internet censorship and it seems ...
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Was the Russian Federation ever an actual democracy?

Currently, it is a pretty established fact that Russia isn't a democracy. According to the vast majority of American news sources covering last year's Russian elections there, they are fake. However, ...
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Why aren't authoritarian governments overthrown sooner?

On my point of view it is pretty simple to overthrow an authoritarian government. You just have to gather a lot of people in the smallest area possible (where the leader is located). Further actions ...
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