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Do heavy human losses put pressure on an autocratic leader like Putin?

In democratic countries, there tends to be great aversion to loss of life from military operations, and there are checks and balances that ensure a displeased populace has some capacity to vote in ...
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Is Vietnam an autocracy or a republic?

I am not really sure about the difference in meaning of "autocratic" and "republican". The only thing in my mind is that autocratic is a country where power is centered around one ...
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Are autocratic countries handling COVID-19 better than democratic countries?

From the answer to one of my previous questions: It's an old saw in political science that if one wants a just society one has to surrender to having an inefficient society. Autocrats and dictators ...
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Is it possible to have a centrally planned economy with a democratic government?

Imagine a country with a centrally planned economy. Manufacturing, power generation, construction, industrial agriculture, transportation, Internet connection, cellular service, the entire healthcare ...
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Is representative democracy, just evolutionary autocracy? [closed]

Autocracy is where the citizenry has no recourse to affect the laws they are governed by. Representative democracy, is a system where the citizenry has no direct recourse to affect the laws they are ...
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