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Questions tagged [bahrain]

Questions about politics of the Kingdom of Bahrain

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How much influence did Donald Trump have on the Abraham Accords?

The Bahrain–Israel normalization agreement,1 officially Abraham Accords: Declaration of Peace, Cooperation, and Constructive Diplomatic and Friendly Relations2 is an agreement to normalize diplomatic ...
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Did the Bahraini uprising of 2011 accomplish anything?

The Bahraini uprising that occurred back in 2011 was considered a failure by various people especially since this act of civil disobedience didn't lead to democracy or the abdication of King Hamad, a ...
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Difference between a conventional party in a WLD and a Bahraini *society*

A political party in Bahrain is called a society. What are the fundemental differences with political parties in Western Liberal Democracies, in the sense that the word society is used?
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How is Qatar v. Bahrain relevant to the form or definition of an agreement in international law?

Wikipedia mentions that As was obvious[citation needed] in Qatar v. Bahrain, disputes may arise concerning the status of the document once one of the parties seeks to enforce its provisions. "The ...
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Can Bahrain prevent Qatar Airways from flying?

The Washington Post writes: If not for a gesture of goodwill from Bahrain, whose airspace practically encircles Qatar, the airline would have to cease operations. But is it really a gesture of ...
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