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Questions related to politics or government about financial assistance informally given to businesses or an economy to stop it from collapsing

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Did Germany profit from the (third) Greek bailout?

From an article published in June 2018 on Berlin has been one of the main lenders to Greece during its debt crisis. While conservative parties warned that supporting Greece would come ...
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What does it mean when something is said to be "owned by taxpayers"?

There are 470,000 results on Google Search for "owned by taxpayers". Some excerpts: RBS remains 62% owned by taxpayers after a 45 billion pound bailout in the 2008 financial crisis. (...
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Will you have to prove US citizenship to receive the COVID-19 bailout money?

As we know that US government announced $2T Covid-19 stimulus package on March 24. It includes a payout of $1200 to all taxpayers. Who are the individuals who will get that benefit? Is it all US ...
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Why did British Steel have to borrow 120 million pounds (from the government) to cover its ETS obligations?

Can someone clarify why British Steel had to receive a UK government loan for this sum of 120 million pounds? Did British Steel need this money to buy ETS allowances, or were these fines for not ...
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Why did the U.S. bail out the banks instead of the people owing the mortgage payments to the banks?

Why did the U.S. bail out the banks instead of the people owing the mortgage payments to the banks? Is it because it would have cost more money to bail out the people, or is it for some other ...
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Did the government of Greece approve 'haircuts' on citizen's deposits to reduce the damage of the 2008 financial crisis?

Some time ago I saw an interview with Andreas Antonopoulos where he was talking about the 2008 financial crisis in Greece. During the interview he mentions the government wanting to take a 20% haircut ...
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Why are US airlines being bailed out using loans instead of equity injections?

The bailout request by US airlines has been approved. About half the bailout ($25 billion) is in the form of loans. But why is the bailout in the form of loans? This kind of bailout fails to punish ...
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Has a government ever bailed out a supermarket?

I was discussing the bailing out of Lloyd’s Bank (a large U.K. bank) with a friend. I raised the point that Tesco (a large supermarket) is also continuing to struggle after their accounting scandal, ...
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Did China bail out its local governments in 2011?

There's this rumor-ish CNBC piece from 2011 (which is actually quoting Reuters on this part) claiming that: China’s regulators plan to shift 2-3 trillion yuan ($308-463 billion) of debt off local ...
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Could the president push a bailout for industries affected by a disaster without congressional support?

There's a lot of talk lately about bailout packages being offered to airlines and other affected industries. Assuming that the president was in support of a bailout and was willing to do whatever was ...
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