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Use this tag for questions relating to the politics of the Balkans. If your question relates to specific countries within the peninsula, please also use those tags.

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Was 1992 Bosnian Independence referendum a sham voting, in light of 99.7% of votes "For"? [closed]

One thing that caught my eye in the referendum results cited in Wikipedia seemed improbably high at 92.7% for the independence. The turnout to the referendums was reported as 63.7%, with 92.7% of ...
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What does Kosovo need to do in order to become a fully independent country?

What are the steps that Kosovo, or, if it's not about them, other countries must do, so it can be recognized as an independent country? In 2008, Kosovo unilaterally declared its independence from ...
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How did Croatia join the EU without settling the border dispute with Slovenia?

There is a curious dispute between Croatia and Slovenia in regards to their land and maritime border. It appears to be ongoing since the breakup of Yugoslavia. Noticeably Slovenia tried blocking ...
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Why does Montenegro recognise Kosovo, yet Bosnia does not?

As far as I understand it, Bosnia & Herzegovina does not recognise Kosovo & its unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia in 2008 because of pressure from the sizeable Serbian ...
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