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Questions relating to the government or politics of the Kingdom of Belgium

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Why does the new Belgian passport design feature comic characters? [closed]

The new Belgian passport is featuring comic characters as its design theme.
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What are "original struggles" according to the Belgian Ecolo party?

The name of the Belgian green party "Ecolo" stands for "Confederate Ecologists for the Organisation of Original Struggles" (Écologistes Confédérés pour l'organisation de luttes ...
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How do parliments in countries with Hemicycle shapes decide who is more left/right wing?

In governments with a hemicycle shaped parliment, left wing parties and right wing parties tend to sit on the side of the parliment that more closely matches their ideaology. However I was wandering ...
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Is Herman van Rompuy's recently-created noble title hereditary?

Herman van Rompuy, briefly Prime Minister of Belgium, and later the first President of the European Council, was created Count van Rompuy (Graaf van Rompuy) by Philippe of Belgium in 2015. Is this ...
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Was the Wilmès government intended only as a temporary government for the crisis period?

The Wikipedia article for Sophie Wilmès writes this: On 16 March 2020, in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, she was nominated by the King to form a permanent minority government by default. The ...
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In the Belgian election system, what is the effect of voting on every candidate of a party?

There are elections soon in Belgium. I have been told that I am allowed to vote on more than one candidate within the same party. If I were to give my vote to every candidate on the list of my desired ...
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How does Belgium enforce obligatory attendance in elections?

Wikipedia's page on Voter Turnout states the following about obligatory attendance in Belgium: In both Belgium, which has obligatory attendance, and Malta, which does not, participation reaches ...
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Why does Belgium seem to have a more diverse legislative body that other EU countries?

Taking a look upon how legislative bodies are split between parties within Europe I have noticed that Belgium has a legislative body containing numerous political parties without one or two clearly ...
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What is Belgium's position on Catalonia declaration of independence?

According to this article: Belgium’s prime minister, Charles Michel, was among the few national leaders to denounce the violence, which the Catalan government said had left 465 people injured as ...
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Would the Flemish Belgians prefer to unite with the Netherlands?

I have spoken to a Dutch guy some time ago who believes that the Flemish part of Belgians would love to unite with the Netherlands. Is this true? I know the Flemish nationalist movement is pretty ...
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What authority does the Benelux parliament have?

Today I discovered there is such a thing as a Benelux Parliament. However, neither the Wikipedia page nor the official website (Dutch and French only) give a whole lot of information on what it ...
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How does the Flemish government attempt to reduce the francisation of the Flemish rim/Brussels Periphery?

In recent centuries, Brussels has shifted from being majority Dutch-speaking to majority French-speaking. Brussels is officially a bilingual city but surrounded by Flanders. Flanders is officially ...
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Do E.U. employees pay tax on their salaries?

Do they pay tax in Belgium, their country of origin or a special E.U. tax?
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