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What is special in the relations between Bhutan and Switzerland?

The requirements to get a Bhutan visa include (...) nationals of Switzerland and Thailand who hold diplomatic or government-official passports, are also eligible for a visa on arrival at their port ...
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Why does India import power from neighbouring countries like Bhutan & Nepal when the Indian government has declared India as a power surplus nation?

India has installed power capacity of over 400GW and has declared itself a nation of surplus power. Yet, the official website indicates that the country also imports hydro power from Bhutan and Nepal. ...
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What would be the political effects of the implementation of a Bhutan-like electoral system on a federal state? [closed]

Bhutan has a unique political system, in which elections to the National Assembly ( the lower house of the bicameral Bhutanese parliament ) happen in two rounds. In the first round, a nationwide vote ...
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Why did Bhutan end free entry for Indian tourists?

Recently Bhutan stopped free entry for Indian citizens. What is the reason behind this action?
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Why did the population of Bhutan drop by 70% between 2007 and 2008?

I was looking at a list of countries and their population on Polish Wikipedia. (It provides data for multiple years which I couldn't find in English.) I noticed one quirk: between 2007 and 2008, the ...
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What was the international reaction (political level) to ethnic cleansing in Bhutan?

There is very little information on Wikipedia about ethnic cleansing in Bhutan. It is also connected to Gross National Happiness concept: GNH has been described by critics as a propaganda tool used ...
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Why doesn't Bhutan have diplomatic relations with most countries in the world?

Dark green - diplomatic relations, blue - the rest of the EU members (Bhutan has diplomatic relations with the EU, but not individually with those in blue). According to Wikipedia, Bhutan has ...
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What is Doklam's strategic importance for India and China? [duplicate]

These days it's the hot potato, and often daily in the news that there is a 7 week long stand off in the Doklam plateau. And today also there is some news that Indian army, as well as China's PLA, has ...
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In what ground are Indian troops in Doklam against China right now?

Refer to this, and this report. This is a territorial dispute between Bhutan and China. According to the map, Doklam is not near the Indian border. There is no hard evidence that, Bhutan requested ...
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