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Questions about legislatures that have 2 separate assemblies, chambers or houses

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Why was the Union Budget presented in the Lok Sabha (lower house) instead of the Rajya Sabha (upper house)?

Why was the Union Budget presented in the Lok Sabha (lower house) instead of the Rajya Sabha (upper house)? Recently The Union Budget of India for 2021–2022 was presented by the Finance Minister, ...
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Why do non-federations need bicameral parliaments?

Federations often have a bicameral parliament: one house speaks for the nation itself, whereas the other one speaks for the subjects within the federation (it could be summoned by the means of the ...
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Why are US state (as opposed to federal) legislatures bicameral?

The federal legislature in the USA is bicameral, with the Senate (supposedly) representing states, with equal voting power among state, and the House of Representatives (supposedly) representing the ...
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Why is US legislation formulated independently by both chambers?

In the US - at the federal and AFAIK the state level - pieces of legislation are put forward in two versions, independently, before the two legislative bodies; each version is discussed, debated and ...
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Are there ways to keep the majority in check in a unicameral legislative system?

Are there ways to setup a legislative system that keeps the ruling majority in check without needing to split the body up into a bicameral pair of chambers? I know bicameral systems aren't perfect, ...
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What are the roles of the two Houses of Parliament in the UK?

Why does the UK have two Houses of Parliament - the House of Commons and the House of Lords - and what are the main roles of each?
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