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Questions tagged [boris-johnson]

Boris Johnson was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2019 to 2022. He also served as mayor of London and as foreign secretary of the UK. Use this tag with the [united-kingdom] tag.

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26 votes
6 answers

Could Boris Johnson face criminal charges for illegally proroguing Parliament?

Since the UK Supreme Court has ruled that the proroguing of the UK Parliament was illegal, is Boris Johnson personally culpable? Does this depend on whether the UK Parliament and its democratic ...
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17 votes
1 answer

How did Boris Johnson manage to be elected Mayor of London for two terms when London is usually staunchly Labour?

In 2008, Boris Johnson beat Ken Livingstone by 6.4% of the vote share in the second round of voting. He repeated this feat in 2012, if by a slimmer margin. How did he manage to win these elections, ...
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15 votes
10 answers

Why is Boris Johnson visiting only Paris & Berlin if every member of the EU needs to agree on a withdrawal deal?

LONDON: Boris Johnson will tell Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron that there must be a new Brexit deal when he makes his first trip abroad as Prime Minister. Johnson will make clear to the French ...
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7 votes
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Boris Johnson Partygate Report: What are the possible consequences for Johnson?

As I type this, the debate is ongoing over Boris Johnson, deciding whether or not to accept the Partygate report's findings. The report suggests a 90-day suspension, possibly triggering a by-election, ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Could Boris Johnson send the extension to Brussels via a slow route that would not arrive before Oct.31

Could Boris Johnson fulfill his legal duty to send the required extension request to Brussels by posting it via a post/courier that would not arrive before Oct.31. I believe it was a 2 week window ...
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