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Questions related to the government or politics regarding the Federative Republic of Brazil.

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What international laws might prohibit Brazil from cutting down the Amazon or using it as a natural resource of Brazil?

Brazil has been cutting down large swaths of the Amazon rainforest for development,agriculture and the use of natural resources from the rainforest. However, the Amazon is widely regarded as the lungs ...
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In Brazil, is the suspension of the president optional while the impeachment trial takes place?

In Brazil, in 2016, their president was suspended while being tried by the Senate, which also removed her from office in the end. The suspension vote took place in the Senate as well. Was this ...
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Which governments have carried out programmes of forcible vaccination and when?

In 1904, some 16 years after the law abolishing slavery, the government of Brazil ordered "sanitary brigades" accompanied by police units to enter homes in Rio de Janeiro and vaccinate ...
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