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Questions tagged [brazil]

Questions related to the government or politics regarding the Federative Republic of Brazil.

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How powerful is the Brazilian presidency?

In the Brazilian general election, 2018, Jair Bolsonaro was elected president. Bolsonaro's views are controversial (this is an understatement), and some have declared fears that Brazil's democracy ...
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What international laws might prohibit Brazil from cutting down the Amazon or using it as a natural resource of Brazil?

Brazil has been cutting down large swaths of the Amazon rainforest for development,agriculture and the use of natural resources from the rainforest. However, the Amazon is widely regarded as the lungs ...
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Countries with a very plural congress/parliament

As Brazil heads toward it's runoff, one striking feature is that it's very multiparty. No party has more than 13/81 and 77/513 senate and house seats, respectively (about 15%). Are there any countries ...
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How does Brazil ensure their voters know which electoral candidate corresponds to which number?

In Brazil, voting is done with electronic voting machines that resemble telephone panels. Voters key in the number of their preferred candidate, and the machine logs the result. While this voting ...
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How can the impact of changing the Brazilian capital be analyzed?

Around 50 years ago Brasília became the capital of Brazil. The distances between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro - where the biggest part of the population live - from Brasília are big enough to have ...
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What is the status of former Brazilian president Michel Temer prosecution for corruption charges?

Michel Temer, former Brazilian president who took office after the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff in August 2016, has since been investigated on accusations of corruption. In 2017, Brazil’s top anti-...
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Why is G7 helping fighting fires in the Amazon rainforest such a big deal for President Jair Bolsonaro?

According to BBC, international leaders at the G7 summit have agreed to provide logistical and financial support to help fight fires in the Amazon rainforest. However, President Jair Bolsonaro does ...
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How high is sympathy for Israel among Bolsonaro's supporters and/or Brazilian Evangelicals?

An article in Le Monde Diplomatique claims that: Like Trump, Bolsonaro is highly dependent on his nation’s politically powerful Evangelical community, and they are Israel one-hundred percenters. [.....
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Why do certain people, in modern times, support the idea of a Brazilian monarchy?

I read from the LA Times that there are monarchists in Brazil who support the idea of the nation returning to a form of monarchy. According to a poll in 2017, about 10.7% support a return to and ...
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In Brazil, is the suspension of the president optional while the impeachment trial takes place?

In Brazil, in 2016, their president was suspended while being tried by the Senate, which also removed her from office in the end. The suspension vote took place in the Senate as well. Was this ...
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To what extent did Dilma Rousseff's impeachment increase Jair Bolsonaro's chances to be president?

On October 2014, Dilma Rousseff got reelected as president of Brazil (wiki article on it). One year later, an impeachment against her started and by August 2016 she was removed from office. All the ...
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How can the judiciary make executive decisions in Brazil?

According to this new (in Spanish) federal court decides implementation of COVID passport The magistrate of the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil decided it will demand proof of vaccination for ...
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Which governments have carried out programmes of forcible vaccination and when?

In 1904, some 16 years after the law abolishing slavery, the government of Brazil ordered "sanitary brigades" accompanied by police units to enter homes in Rio de Janeiro and vaccinate ...
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Does any country "filter" otherwise eligible political candidates?

In Brazil, almost anyone can enter politics as long as they meet these conditions: must have Brazilian nationality or be naturalized; be in full exercise of political rights; be listed in the ...
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What effect would a mandatory justification for a proposed bill have on the legislative process? [closed]

I'm Brazilian and I'm not aware of any political system where politicians have to justify the bill they're proposing, so, this might be some trivial stuff out there. Let's suppose you're required to ...
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Did the Lula administration court other countries other than China for technology transfer for its industrial policies?

Yet the Lula administration’s frequent talk of new industrial policies—in partnership with China or not—has some economists nervous. Such policies are highly difficult to calibrate successfully, ...
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