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For questions regarding Britain's exit from the European Union, popularly termed 'Brexit'. Use with the [united-kingdom] and [european-union] tags, depending on which parties your question refers to.

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How did the view of Continental Europe on Brexit change between the 2016 Referendum and today?

There are plenty of polls asking the British population what they think about Brexit, but there are hardly any polls regarding Continental Europe's view on it; especially no recent ones. Judging from ...
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Is the GUE-NGL unwilling to advise against Brexit? If so, why?

130 of the eighth and current European Parliament's 751 members have signed a letter urging the UK to reconsider its decision to withdraw from the EU. All are members of EPP, S&D, ALDE or Greens-...
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Channel Islands Equivalence in Financial Services

The Channel Islands are not 'in' the EU Single Market, but have a close relationship with it; this is particularly true in Financial Services, where they have a wide-ranging Equivalence agreement. ...
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Are there any polls on the acceptance of the "Irish Sea border" in the UK?

I'm venturing a guess that a symbol that may constitute a rallying cry for hardcore Brexiteers is going to be the "Irish Sea border" which is already making its (still subdued) appearance as ...
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Is it possible for the UK to be a member of the EFTA and CPTPP simultaneously?

Theoretically, is there any law or arrangement that would prevent the UK from being part of the European Free Trade Association and the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific ...
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Has the position of the NHS been considered in exploring the option of Brexit while remaining in the EU customs union?

I was watching Channel 4's What happens after a Brexit election?, in which one of the guest introduces the NHS: The Conservatives aren't having to answer questions about the details of their ...
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What's Hans-Olaf Henkel's position on the EU?

In a speech that was vociferously interrupted, MEP Hans-Olaf Henkel accused Juncker of being the "[Commission] president who lost Britain" and said that Junker's pinning of the blame on Cameron was "...
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Do Conservative party members care about the Northern Ireland protocol?

A lot of pro-Brexit politicians are outraged by the fact that the Northern Ireland protocol has imposed an economic border “in the middle of our country”. Most British people on the other hand, ...