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Questions relating to the government and politics of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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Russian gas delivery stop — difference between Poland/Bulgaria and other EU customers?

On 2022-04-27, the Russian state-owned energy company Gazprom has ceased gas deliveries to Poland and Bulgaria, after they refused to henceforth pay for the gas in ruble rather than the currency ...
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Why was Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria delayed so much?

Greece-Bulgaria gas interconnector startup is now set for July 2022 after multiple delays: The Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria, or IGB, -- part of the much-heralded Southern Gas Corridor -- has been ...
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Why are Bulgaria and Romania still not accepted into the Schengen area?

Despite joining the EU 14 years ago, Bulgaria and Romania are still not part of the Schengen area. The wiki article has the following timeline: On 1 August 2018, Bulgaria and Romania gained full ...
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Why are Romania's and Bulgaria's reasons for postponing entering the Schengen area considered non-technical?

Some Romanian politicians (example) argue that the country should be within the Schengen area. I do not know exactly for Bulgaria, but for Romania I have heard on multiple occasions that it obeys the &...
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