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Campaign finance refers to the rules and regulations governing the raising and spending of funds for a candidate running for office. For questions about the funds themselves use [fundraising] instead.

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What is the justification for allowing elected officials to accept money from corporations?

After reading this news article and this one I am perplexed. Admittedly, I'm no expert in politics. But in a free nation, where senators and representatives are elected to represent their ...
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Why is it ethical for Ambassador Sondland to have been given an ambassadorship for campaign contributions?

Ambassador Sondland donated 1 million dollars to Trumps inauguration, and then was appointed to a high profile ambassadorship. He never worked in the government previously, has no credentials, no ...
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What did Bernie Sanders do with all the cash from his 2016 campaign?

I'm just wondering what happened with hundreds of millions Bernie Sanders raised in 2016. Did he give to the DNC?
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Why don't the Democrats make a deal to give Trump his border wall in exchange for campaign finance reform?

I feel like this is a unique opportunity to pass effective campaign finance legislation. Politically I think not giving Trump the wall is the better strategy, which may be why such a deal will not ...
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Contributing to a candidate as a Foreign National US Resident?

I'm not sure if this is the correct exchange to be posting this question, so apologies if this is not the right place. I'm a US Resident, currently on a H-1B. I'm not a Green Card holder or a US ...
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What are some of the strongest reasons for allowing private election campaign funding?

There seems to be a resounding consensus on the internet that private campaign funding is a bad idea because it usually leads to corruption and unfairness. Are there any good reasons to think ...
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How can the influence of wealthy individuals on democratic processes be reduced?

This question is inspired by the discussion about lobbyism and free speech. There are two fundamental ideas in modern democracies that seem to contradict each other, while both being so fundamental ...
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Why is Bernie Sanders maximum accepted donation on actblue $5600?

Check here and try to enter a number higher than $5600. I know this question might be oddly specific, but i have no idea why it would be such an odd number, and not just $5000.
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32 votes
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How do very small countries prevent foreign interests from buying out their political elite?

Let's take Iceland as an example. They have only 338,000 people and their GDP was a mere $20 Billion USD in 2016. There are therefore several billionaires who are richer than the entire economic ...
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Why would a former US president's announcement of a reelection bid cut off legal defense funds?

At the end of CNN's August 9, 2022 video Analysis: How FBI's search of Mar-a-Lago could help Trump in 2024 (after about 10:00) host Brianna Keilar asks about the former US president potentially ...
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As an electoral candidate, isn't Yang precluded from conducting his "UBI experiment"?

In the US Democratic Party’s presidential primary debate a few days ago, candidate Andrew Yang announced his campaign will conduct a 1-year experiment with Universal Basic Income - by paying USD 1000 ...
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Will any state or federal laws be broken by a rich individual funding the movement and support of South Dakota National Guard troops?

Politico's Billionaire GOP donor is funding South Dakota National Guard border deployment says: Willis Johnson doesn’t live in the state but says he backs Gov. Kristi Noem, a potential presidential ...
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Does the GOP actually have a formal 'neutrality policy' that this unnamed RNC official describes?

This answer to Why would a former US president's announcement of a reelection bid cut off legal defense funds? in toto: From the July 28, 2022 Yahoo article, by Cheryl Teh, The RNC has been helping ...
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What arguments can be given in favour of financial barriers for participation in elections or electoral debates?

From this comment comes the quote: on a practical level, if you suck as a politician THAT much that you can't raise a paltry $50k in a country with 300Mil population, you clearly don't have enough ...
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How much "Russian money" have Russian oligarchs injected into the UK's economy and contributed to UK politicians?

The following compares statements by two very disparate British commentators, Christopher Steele and the fictional reporter Johnathan Pie. Steele The notes below Sky News' April 1, 2022 Beth Rigby ...
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What are the political or business connections of Parnas and Fruman in the former USSR countries?

From breaking news in the Guardian: Two associates of Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, have been charged with election finance violations for channeling foreign money into the president’...
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Can non-US citizens join super-PACs or pay for attack ads in the US?

Is there any law which prohibits foreigners (non-US citizens) from spending billions of dollars to sway U.S. elections by deliberately placing attack ads against certain political parties ? Can ...
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Is Hillary Clinton on the hook for the $30 million debt of her campaign?

In Why do US politicians spend so much on campaigns when the salary is not high enough to justify the expenditure?, it is mentioned that Hillary Clinton has $30 million of debt from her 2008 campaign. ...
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What if campaign money was used to fund government programs?

I was reading that billions of dollars are raised/spent during US political campaigns (president, senate, etc). I'm no expert in how this all works, but it seems to me that this money is used solely ...
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Are there any examples of electoral bonds or similar instruments usage in the Western democracies?

After Reading this question I have searched if any Western democracy have used something similar to make political campaign financing more transparent. From the accepted answer in the aforementioned ...
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How much money did Obama's Ebola czar Ron Klain donate to the Democratic Party?

I don't need the exact figure, I only want a rough estimation.
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