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Questions tagged [campaign-finance]

Campaign finance refers to the rules and regulations governing the raising and spending of funds for a candidate running for office. For questions about the funds themselves use [fundraising] instead.

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Why are campaign budgets treated as important?

Plenty of research shows that campaign spending makes very little difference. See this article on FiveThirtyEight, for example. So why does so much news reporting, like this, focus on that topic as ...
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What would happen if a US presidential candidate used campaign cash for government purposes?

Trump raises over $20 million in February with nearly $42 million in cash on hand, far behind Biden and Democrats US presidential candidates regularly spend millions of dollars every election to win ...
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Contribution Limit Changes as a result of McCutcheon vs FEC

I'm interested in knowing how the contribution limits in the United States changed (so before and after) due to McCutcheon vs FEC for: Contribution limits to a single candidate Total contribution ...
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Where are my small contributions in the FEC filings?

I know that I have made several small contributions over the last year, but only one of those contributions/transactions appears when I look at the FEC individual contributions dataset (found here) ...
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Are political donations to foreign politicians residing in Canada but campaigning abroad tax free?

There are a lot of new rules in Canada about political donations. But what about someone living in Canada who is campaigning to be elected abroad? Are donations taxable by the Federal government of ...
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To what extent if any did the Koch brothers facilitate an "attack on voting rights... that began after 2008"?

In CNN's November 30, 2023 Will Koch’s endorsement be enough for Nikki Haley to beat Trump?, civil rights attorney Maya Wiley responds to a question about financial support linked to the Koch brothers ...
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Did any of Ron Klain's positions in 1998-2008 period limit contributions?

While answering "How much money did Obama's Ebola czar Ron Klain donate to the Democratic Party? " I started wondering why? He - clearly a very powerful and successful and rich lawyer - donated so ...
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